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Old Fashioned

Women have a real weird/odd/dumb way of looking at things...

So I was having a conversation wit my homegirl and she let me know bout this dude trying to get in her pants. Obviously I wasn't surprised since that's life in general nowadays. She let me know he asked her to take him to dinner. She was obviously thrown off guard cuz why would a woman pay right? Well that wasn't the point, what threw me off was that she told him "I'm old fashioned, he's courting me so he should pay". I instantly sucked my teeth and looked away.

First off what man still courts a woman and how can you possibly be old fashioned when you weren't born in the 1930's? I'm totally fine with women wanting men to pay just be real don't bullshit. The only women that should be claiming old fashioned is OLD women. This all goes to that Miss Independent when you want to be shit. If you like a dude suck it up and take him out.

Courting is done & chivalry been dead. No man is dropping his coat in a puddle to save your shoes. Are there still gentlemen? Yes. But lets be straight any man doing nice things when he first meet you is to get what he wants from you. I tell all my female friends, you find out if the dude is really into once he gets what he wants (whatever that may be even though its usually one thing).

Trust me a man wants to know his time and money and sanity is not being wasted on someone who isn't worth it. Men who trick or do whatever a woman wants off top is a man who doesn't trust in being honest with said woman.

If This Is The Last Time...

When I first met you I knew you were gonna have an effect on me for the future.

Never did I think it would be the effect many others have had already.

If I could rewind time and go back to your first smile, our first date, the first time I felt jealousy cuz of you, our first kiss & our first goodbye knowing it would lead to another hello.

We have issues. Never thought they couldn't be resolved. My sensitivity your insensitivity.
I always referred to you as my yin to my yang. Our differences is what lead to my love. Love is empty if not shared equally.

Our love was never solidified in a physical form. To me you are the perfect woman.

Lack of communication leads to misunderstandings & I don't believe you truly understood the feelings I had for you.

We were comfortable with each other. Relationship not for growing together but for convenience.

Now I must get comfortable with not being able to speak to you for the first time in 19 mos. For that time you were my number 1.

That ring on your left hand symbolizes more than promises. It was a holding place. A place where the wedding band would have a lasting home.

My love is eternal. My greatest fear in life is to be alone. My greatest fear of the present is to never hear your voice, your laugh, see your smile & hear those three words that are so meaningless to others but a way of life to me... I LOVE YOU
Past Present & Future.

Groupie Love

So here we go again. Another reality show (can there be any other form of television). This time it focuses on wives/girlfriends/divorcee's of NBA (in some cases wannabes) players. Its different but yet very similar to any other reality show. Take a look below:

VH1 TV Shows Music Videos Celebrity Photos News & Gossip

I recently read a newspaper article reviewing this show and I couldn't help but laugh to myself. It gave me the run down of the particulars but what caught my eye was the reasoning of executive producer Shanie O'Neal. Basically her point was to show that these women are more than just women attached to NBA players and they have their own dreams & aspirations. Why would I laugh?

  1. I know it was just a trailer for the show but I knew the show would mostly involve them drinking & partying. They don't have kids? I know Shaunie popped out 5 of them.
  2. If we all know Shaq is divorced & why he is divorced why does she still keep his name. For the fame? publicity? or just because no one would care if she used her real name?
  3. They talk about all these groupies out to get there men & these groupies should have some self respect & not allow a man to pay their rent or take them on trips... One of the stars of the show is a dancer who dates random NBA players. Cmon... lets be serious the reason your with these men (especially Erik Williams or a Michael Olowaknandi) is for the fame, gifts & houses on the beach.

This is just another show that's good for entertainment but not for self achievement. If this is the life future stars like John Wall have to look forward to just go the Derek Jeter route... Stay single. But if you don't at least VH1 will be there to chronicle your downward spiral.


I've been told that I'm a cool/chill individual. The reason for this I believe is the fact that I basically can get along with anyone in any situation. I consider myself a social chameleon. On any given day you can observe 4 different Me's. These 4 sects include family, friends, work & relationship. In 1 day I can experience 1 or all 4. Some would take this as a gift not knowing the work that goes into this feat.

In keeping all sects separate you might lose your true self. Most times these separations are easily managed since some sects don't mix. In a perfect utopia I would want all sects to interact with each other for example: relationship should merge with friends & family. But what happens when issue arise within sects that can not be discussed with others. Family issues should not be discussed with work individuals and most relationship issue should be handled in house.

How can your true self be realized if throughout the day your not the same or allowed to express yourself freely across lines? Those who know me know I'm all about openness & honesty. I also try to make everyone happy which is my nature as a Cancer man. The problem arises when individuals within sects are naturally quiet, seem emotionless or choose to close themselves off and allow issues to fade (but still fester within & explode at a later time). So open individual has issue with closed person in one group but can not express amongst others. This leads to uneasiness, self doubt, loss of confidence & eventually unhappiness. These issues I can only handle alone until that party finds in themselves to open up. So while I wait I become closed off & pretend things are fine. When things are good I try to extend that positivity by not expressing the issue that might breed negativity.

One day we will resolve but til then I can not truly be honest within sects & bring the happiness each one deserves. I can not be who you need me to be, until I truly know who I am...

Good Shepherd Clothing

Monday March 8th marked the release event for Good Shepherd x Shin Tanaka hosted at Las Chicas Locas (ground floor of the Four Seasons Hotel). The turnout was amazing at the low key inviting space.

Why is this important.. Good Shepherd was founded by one of my college classmates Rahim Babar in 2006. Its safe to say when people I know are doing big things I support. To see where he started and where he is at now shit is amazing.

Good Shepherd clothing is a product of his creative thought. Good Shepherd blends street trends with high-end fashion to provide quality product for the conscious customer. Good Shepherd clothing began as a small t-shirt company based out of New York City. In 2007, Good Shepherd clothing was picked up by high-end boutiques, mom and pop shops and retail stores.

For looks into these fresh designs check GoodShepherdWorld.com & check photos below.

Monetary Upswing During Economic Downturn

Taken from FrshPulp.com (which I wrote)
An exclusive New Money lesson on saving money & making it work for you ... See theres a benefit to my 9-5

What’s my 1st step?
Your mattress can only hold so much funds, so first things first, open a checking and savings account. Why use a bank? Keeping your money in a bank is safe and convenient. They’re federally insured and take liability in case your funds are accessed illegally. A checking account will allow you to have the safety of the bank as well as access to your funds 24/7 through ATMs and online banking. Savings will be where your extra funds go to earn you interest.

How do I know which bank is best for me?
Any given day in NYC you can take a walk and see at least 15 different banks. I’m partial to one in particular but that’s just me. Most people choose based on proximity. Close to my house, job, whatever. You must dig a little deeper and these questions will help you decide:

  • Is there a minimum balance to avoid monthly fees? All banks require a minimum opening deposit. Most banks also require a minimum balance to avoid fees. Avoid balance requirements and instead choose an activity driven account such as direct deposit, debit card purchases or online bill pay. Remember we’re trying to save.
    • Are there ATM fees? The #1 fee paid by consumers to banks is the ATM fee. You must choose a bank that has accessible ATMs. Every bank charges fees for using another bank’s ATM, so find one that stands out.
      • Does the account pay interest? Obviously you’re going to want free money so this is self-explanatory. Interest is more important savings account wise because that’s the account we need to grow. Every bank has a rate sheet so compare one to another.
      • Is there overdraft protection? Overdrafting is the #1 issue consumers have with banks. It occurs when your purchases/withdrawals exceed your balance. This results in fees equaling hundreds of dollars. You must keep track of your balances. They will not do it for you.
      • Is online banking available? This is necessary to account for your money wherever you might be in the world. Online banking allows you to receive alerts (texts, email) on your account, as well transfer funds when the bank closes for the day. It’s easy, straight forward as well as FREE!

      Where do I go from here?
      The next step is to get your finances in order. Primarily, your monthly expenses. Your balances can not grow if you spend more than you make. That LV bag and those Prada shoes can wait. You must eliminate debt, such as credit card balances.

        1. Figure out necessities and eliminate luxury – Phone, food, rent are necessary. Excess parties and new shoes to add to a closet full of shoes. Unnecessary.
        2. Make a budget – Total your monthly bills and make payments on time. Figure out what your daily living expenses are and make changes accordingly.
        3. Leave your self a cushion – Pick a specific amount – $50 or $100 – treat it like a no-spend zone. That way a small mistake won’t leave you broke.
        4. Increase savings – Funnel extra funds into your savings account. Rainy days are always around the corner, so you must be prepared.
        5. Stick to it! – The #1 issue people have with saving is will power. With so many credit cards out there and all those sales dipping into savings is dangerous. “Oh, I can replace the funds on my next check.” Yeah, until you see that credit card bill. One tip: forget you have a savings account. Out of sight out of mind.

        There has to be a better way to make my money grow?
        Whether you’re looking to save money for an emergency, dream vacation, new house, or education, banks and other financial institutions have a variety of accounts to help you meet your financial goals. Basic savings accounts allow you the ability to put money towards a specific goal and access your money when needed. But the old adage comes in, “scared money don’t make money.” Risk is inevitable, so a little must be taken to reach your financial goals.

        Certificate of Deposit (CD’s) – A CD is an account where you’re provided a fixed rate of return over a specified amount of time. The risk here is that you can’t access these funds over that period. You must be willing to not touch these funds because a penalty will be enforced if the CD is broken.

        Investment – Nowadays the word invest strikes fear into the heart of even the savviest investor. The risk varies based on stocks, bonds, mutual funds or a portfolio that contains all the above. Fees can be assessed upfront, over time or not at all based on holding period. For the recession weary consumer, banks offer customized solutions which allow you to diversify while having your account professionally managed. You receive the guidance you need while investing efficiently.

        Future Planning
        Now that you finances are in order and you’re saving some money, you have to start thinking towards the future. Retirement seems far away, but if you don’t start now when it’s time to retire you will be searching for part-time employment to survive.

        Should you open a Roth IRA? A Traditional IRA? Or put a little money in both?
        Generally, a Traditional IRA can be beneficial if you’re eligible to make deductible contributions, and you expect your tax rate during retirement to be lower than it is today. On the other hand, a Roth IRA may be a wise choice if you expect your tax rate to be the same or higher during retirement. The answer really depends on your unique situation. So contact a Financial Adviser to help you choose an IRA that’s right for you.

        So what now?
        Get your account in order, set a budget, prepare for the future, and don’t do it now—DO IT RIGHT NOW. Fixing finances helps financially as well as mentally. So go get that peace of mind.

        True Haiti Relief


        Ever since the earthquake in Haiti happened on January 12th 2010 I have seen the true goodness within everyone. From endless events to raise money, to corporations & celebrities donating their ill gotten gains to just regular people I encounter wishing upon me & my family their blessings. It just makes you feel good to know you are in so many peoples prayers.

        But that said I still feel bad for my people. To not knowing if those donated funds are going to get to people that most deserve them (lets be serious the Haitian government is not the most trustworthy, you think the politicians here are terrible...) to thinking even when they rebuild another disaster will come through and sweep us away again. They have suffered so much from multiple disastrous storms to a 7.0 quake right into a 6.0 & numerous aftershocks.

        With all that said comes a story that shows true leadership & an offer that can not be matched by any other country. Senegal's President Abdoulaye Wade called for Africa to make room for victims of Haiti's earthquake to restart their lives on the continent. Truer statements could never be said:

        "The repeated calamities that befall Haiti prompt me to propose a radical solution -- to take measures to create somewhere in Africa... the conditions for Haitians to return."

        "They did not choose to go to that island," (
        referring to the mass deportation of African slaves to Haiti, then a French colony, from the 16th century.)

        "It is our duty to recognise their right to come back to the land of their ancestors."

        This offer amazingly is not the 1st of its kind. Back in the 19th Century the African state of Liberia was created by freed U.S. slaves. In 1847, 25 years after the first successful colonisation, they proclaimed an independent Republic, which they named Liberia.

        I believe this offer should be taken seriously as well as moved along as a responsible measure. I have yet to visit the nation of Haiti but I feel very drawn to it & I cant help but feel that it may be cursed. Of all the nations in the Caribbean it seems to be hit with disaster after disaster & to have family there and know at any moment they ca all be washed away it puts a hole in your heart. I see the worry in my mothers face, I feel the pain in my friends hearts & something must be done.

        If standards aren't changed in Haiti, from government to construction to jobs to social divide, Haiti will be no more & all the donations & heartfelt offers like those from the Senegal President will all be for naught. Haiti is beloved by the my Haitian people but who will love us enough to truly help...

        All American Racism

        So the other day I was forwarded an article from the Augusta Chronicle regarding a new basketball league that was to set up shop down south. It is known as the All-American Basketball Alliance & it intends to start its inaugural season in June and hopes Augusta will be one of 12 cities with a team.

        I said hmmm new basketball league coming after NBA dollars. Didn't we learn from the CBA & USBL? Well whatever, whats another league right? Well this one has a small twist... It is to be of rosters made up exclusively of WHITE Americans. Oddly enough it didn't have a warm welcome.

        Here is a few quotes from commissioner of the AABA, Don "Moose" Lewis (c'mon look his nickname)

        "The reasoning behind the league's roster restrictions is not racism"

        "There's nothing hatred about what we're doing, I don't hate anyone of color"

        "People of white, American-born citizenship are in the minority now. Here's a league for white players to play fundamental basketball, which they like."

        "We wants to emphasize fundamental basketball instead of 'street-ball' played by 'people of color' "

        "We need a local person ingrained into the community to make this successful"

        "The white game of basketball, which is essentially a fundamental game, works"

        I am gonna make this short and sweet, there is no other basis to this man starting this league other than racism, point blank. It can only come from hate to associate "streetball" with people of color. Does the NBA at times have players who shy away from fundamentals to go toward more flashy plays yes. In today's game there is a need for both styles. & the most successful NBA players have had a nice mix.

        For this man to say that White people are a minority is true but only sports wise but that's there fault. They haven't moved with the times as well as you could of just left us in Africa & we would of been good. No one wants to watch pure fundamental ball, that shit is boring plan & simple. You do not see Princeton University basketball with any shine on national television.

        Lastly he has no sense of basketball history. From John Havlicek, Bob Cousy, Pistol Pete Maravich & Larry Bird, these were some of the most flashy ball players ever & influenced the likes of Earvin "Magic" Johnson, Isaiah Thomas, Kobe Bryant & Lebron James. (definitely check the links for highlight reels)

        This type of news story needs to not even see the light of day in this day & age but alas this is what gets headlines. What do you think: Racist or a money making idea???

        Maximize The Effort


        I will be collecting donations all weekend long to help out with the effort over in Haiti. This cause is dear to me because these are my people & I still have family over there that are unaccounted for.

        Thanks to good people over at my parent company JPMorgan Chase whatever I collect will be matched by this gracious company on top of the $1,000,000 they have already pledge to this cause.
        Check out American Red Cross:Corporate Giving so you can know that this is legit.

        Here is their official statement:
        On Jan. 12, 2010 Haiti was struck by a magnitude 7.0 earthquake. Hundreds of thousands of people were injured and displaced by this disaster. The need for aid is large and immediate. JPMorgan Chase has committed up to $1 million in disaster aid to address this calamity. JPMorgan Chase will match employee contributions to The American Red Cross and CARE up to a total of $250,000. Please give generously to help now.

        I am accessiible everyday if you wish to contribute & double your generosity. Any denomination is acceptable & appreciated. I will travel to collect. Get in touch with me:
        Email: robert_fortune@hotmail.com, strechman1@gmail.com, robert.x.fortune@chase.com
        Cell: 347.528.3088
        Twitter: @NewMoneyFortune

        You can also definitely deposit to my Paypal use email address : robert_fortune@hotmail.com

        Thanks in advance, wish the year started off differently but we cant change the past just affect the future.

        Haiti Relief Collborations In NYC


        Taken from my homie Carrie Pink's blog ... Please take note she is doing something wonderful.

        HI EVERYONE!!!

        Ok Pretty World Inc has joined forces with students from SIX different schools and TWO other organizations to facilitate a major outreach in NYC to collect, pack, and ship Relief Items to Haiti as soon as possible.

        To dispel the rumors. Yes it is almost impossible to ship anything to Haiti right now as an INDIVIDUAL, so OF COURSE THE FIRST COURSE OF ACTION IS TO DONATE MONEY TO A REPUTABLE ORGANIZATION, Email me for a listing, Once you donate what we are doing is aggregating items together across all the participants and working to organize a mass pick up and ship to Haiti VIA The Bedford Haiti Association in Brooklyn who is working directly with THE RED CROSS, one of the few organizations allowed to export at this time.

        We will also be reaching out to AMERICACARES.ORG regarding their ability to SHIP.
        Additionally we have been in contact with Councilman Mathieu Eugene in Brooklyn and Manhattan Deputy Borough President Pierre-Louis for their political support of our efforts. Below is a list of approved AND NECESSARY items to ship.

        Baby clothing - anything you have


        Flashlight Batteries - D Cell
        Lanterns + Lantern oil

        Rubbing alcohol
        Hydrogen peroxide
        Baby diapers

        If you have items to give please contact Carie Pink or Mekaelia Davis. The Bedford Haitian Community Center has asked that items arrive packed in barrels already ready to ship to help expedite the process so if you only have a small amount of items please contact us so we can compile them with items from others.

        Additionally we will be accepting items Saturday January 16th at Columbia University, Uris Hall 1st Floor from 10am to 3pm, that's 116th and Broadway in Manhattan, during the Pretty World Inc Seminar
        Sunday January 17th some friends of mine from Hunter College will be driving around picking up donations throughout the city from people who want to give but cannot bring to Columbia on Saturday.
        Monday January 18th there will be a Disaster Relief Drop Off box at Hunter College, 3rd Floor, Thomas Hunter Building. Locations of the drop off stations at other schools will be released as the information becomes available.

        Please email or call me if you would like to help by giving donations, packing barrels, driving to help pick up items or would like to collaborate your efforts with ours!! There is power in numbers people!

        Injustice Served

        So once again I come across a story that involves one party's tale over another that land the latter in jail. And once again it involves a man imprisoned for a crime he didn't commit due to the lies of a female.

        Recently read a story of a man who was locked up for 4 years because a woman said she was raped by him. According to her touching testimony she lied to friends, doctors, police, prosecutors, grand jurors and jurors about how the man and his friends kidnapped her from her parked car when she was blind drunk and attacked her. Apparently what actually happened was she had gotten into a car with the man and his two friends and kissed him -- but grew afraid after she blew off his further advances and he erupted in anger, cursing at her and threatening to dump her out on the street (which is where she belonged). After he dropped her back to her friends she told them she was raped because her friends were upset she had left them with no warning. So instead of looking like a flat leaver she sent a dude to jail. Hmm seems rational. Based almost solely on her testimony, he was given 20 years in prison and spent the past three years serving time. This man is only out now because she told her priest who forced her to tell the DA. Even after all this the man is not upset with the woman & praised her for coming forward finally. A better man than me I suppose...

        I cant help but be upset at this situation since it is known that a woman's word is worth gold against a man in almost any situation where she is deemed hurt by said man. This dude was put away with no evidence, no rape kit, no eyewitnesses. Shit is sad cuz it could have been any man. These stories keep popping up and innocent men keep being put away especially if they are part of a minority group or had some type of run in with the law previously (damn on both counts for me).
        Other such cases included the Hofstra freshman who dropped 4 men in jail with her wild reckless story of being raped in a bathroom all because basically she didn't want her man to know she was a huge freak. (Twisted Motive Behind Rape Story).
        Or the well accounted for story of the Duke Lacrosse team (Duke Lacrosse Case). As we all know the 2006 Duke University lacrosse case was a scandal that started in March 2006 when student at North Carolina Central University who worked as an exotic dancer and escort,accused three Duke University students of raping her at a party. The accuser was black and the three lacrosse players were white. Many involved in the case, including the prosecutor, called the alleged assault a hate crime or suggested it might be one. Obviously she was lying and the lives of these three men were never the same.

        Unfortunately most of us don't learn the lessons we are taught at a young age like don't cry wolf. These women believed they could get away with these lies because no one believes a man when rape is involved. I mean look at Kobe Bryant (Bryant Assault Case) even thought he was unfaithful he was no rapist. I mean how could he be his accuser kept multiple semen samples in her panties. The point is until women such as these are prosecuted as harshly for their perjury as the men are for these alleged rapes this epidemic will continue. It gets to a point where you cant just pick up a woman for a decent fling without having some people over to watch to protect your ass ... literally. These men are out of jail but who really knows how many innocent others are actually behind bars for rapes that didn't occur due to these well rehearsed stories that make many shed a tear at the plight of liars.



        As many of you know there has been a popular story regarding Tiger Woods in the media lately. I personally was a little tired of hearing about it already since I dont know the man. But my take was requested by a loyal reade so the story goes like this:

        • During Thanksgiving week Tiger Woods was involved in a car accident around 2:30AM. Homeboy was dashing down his driveway and ended up hitting a hydrant. And he didn't just hit a hydrant and tree. He crossed over a curb, onto a grass median and hit a row of hedges before driving into the hydrant and tree. His wife Elin, apparently had to bash out his back window and pull him to safety. By the time cops came neighbors were around & he was slipping in & out of consciousness. Cops took it as a routine accident.

        Now this was all well & good till the media got a hold of this. In the days past leading up to Tiger now saying that he has had "trangressions" against hs family & that he regrets with "all of my heart." "I have not been true to my values and the behavior my family deserves." What lead to him making this statement about his private life. Lets list the media reports shall we:

        • First it was said that there was extramarital affairs by Tiger & domestic violence within his household (unclear from which party).
        • Then it was said his wife was chasing him with the golf club and she bashed the whip.
        • Then several papers stated that he has been & continuing to sleep with Rachel Uchitel. She flat out denied it & had a 2 page story in the NY Post that really was an extended phrase of I didnt fuck him... She get the side eye
        • Then more women come out saying they slept with Tiger including some chick who was on Tool Academy on MTV & some chick who has voicemails of Tiger calling her, telling her to take her name off her voicemail & texts saying he would give her the business.. BOOM!
        • Now apparently his wife called one of his side pieces & said "You know who this is because you're fucking my husband"

        Today I was on my Twitter & this topic had the tweeps all in a buzz with trending topics such as "sidechickawareness" & "why men/women cheat". Alot of it was hilarious & actually some good tips apparently. But some where just giving info away that wasnt neede to be known bout them.

        And this is where I make my point on privacy. Homeboy is a human being, he's not some sideshow that we look to for giggles and laughs. Infidelity is a huge problem nowadays. Regardless if he is sleeping with or slept with these women thats his life and him & his wife have to work through that, not them & America. When Joe down the block fucks some next chick shit aint news. And now shorties & dudes on Twitter putting they business out there. Just keep your life yours & let others mind theirs.

        Lastly my take on it is nigga was arguing with his wife, he was upset shorty chased him around the crib, she grabbed his 9Iron, he split, she pursued, he tried to get in the whip & she took some swings, homie tried to break down the driveway & he crashed. Honestly where the hell else you goin at 2:30 in the AM but to catch a bootycall or split from ya crazy ass spouse on Thanksgiving.

        Friends & Family Starts Tomorrow - Save 25%!‏

        Nuff Said... Get To It!!!

        50 Best NBA Slam Dunks


        The big NBA fan that I am I just had to post this. The crew at Complex Magazine has compiled the 50 best dunks of all-time into one tight little package.
        Now this being their opinion there is going to be debate, so don't get excited for the rankings
        Would of served them better if they compiled the best 50 in no particular order (I'm particularly fond of #4 & #11 but that's just me) with that in mind, check out Complex's list of the 50 Best NBA Slam Dunks, a collection of humiliating, in-your-face jams.